Calling all Teachers! PE CLASS AT SCP WITH SWPS

year-round on Tuesday - Thursday  between 10:15 am and 1:15 pm at Saanich Commonwealth Place

About the progRAM


SWPS has successfully hosted Water Polo Phys Ed sessions for grades 1-5 (Elementary) and grades 6 - 8 (Middle School). Our 45-minute sessions provide comprehensive instruction and include all necessary equipment.

Saanich Commonwealth Place Recreation Center located west of the Patricia Bay Highway and north of Royal Oak Drive in Saanich

Water Polo offers an excellent physical education opportunity, allowing students to explore a sport that promotes teamwork, endurance, and aquatic skills. Many kids that have gone through the local Water Polo program have come from initial Phys ed class introduction. They have gone on to pursue water polo at a competitive level and some have gone on to represent us as members of the Canadian National Team!`

Program Details

Cost and Details:

45 minutes
Sessions available: 
Tuesdays and Thursdays for Middle School (Grade 6 - 8) and on Wednesdays for Elementary School (Grade 1 - 5)

Teacher Participation:
Teacher participation is not required for the sessions, although you are welcome to join in if you wish. For your convenience, we provide a sample Water Polo Field Trip Form that can be sent home to families. This form is editable and will be emailed to you upon request

How to sign up!

Schedule and Registration Information


To schedule Water Polo Phys Ed sessions for your class, follow these easy steps:

1. Email Saanich Water Polo School at
2. Include the following information:
Grade, Teacher’s Name and Contact Info, Number of Children in the Class, Preferred Dates and Times Class can attend

You can also simply fill out the request form at the bottom of this page!

SWPS will promptly respond with possible dates and times for you to choose from.For more information contact Ferenc Vindisch, Head Coach, at 250-514-9236 or for any additional inquiries.

PE Program Inquiry Form!

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Saanich Commonwealth Place

Commonwealth Place Legacy
Commonwealth Place has been the starting point for many water polo stars, including those who began their careers with Minipolo. Our sessions are conducted by nationally certified Saanich Water Polo School coaches, ensuring a high standard of instruction.

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