Cultivating Future Water Polo Stars

Sundays 5 - 6 pm Teach Pool, At Saanich Commonwealth Place

Minipolo at SCP!

The Minipolo program at Saanich Water Polo School (SWPS) is designed for young water enthusiasts between the ages of 7 and 10.

About the progRAM

Introduction to Minipolo at SCP

Taking place every Sunday from 5-6 pm, our sessions run from September through to December. This program serves as the perfect introduction to the exciting world of water polo for our future aquatic stars.

Saanich Commonwealth Place Recreation Center located west of the Patricia Bay Highway and north of Royal Oak Drive in Saanich

Skill Development in a Shallow Pool
While swimming ability is an asset, our classes are conducted in a shallow pool environment to facilitate skill development. Special emphasis is placed on perfecting essential water polo techniques, including the eggbeater, stop and go maneuvers, quick turns, shooting techniques, and game strategy.

To enroll, participants should have the ability to swim ten strokes of freestyle!

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Program Outline

Scaling Down the Game
In Minipolo, we bring the game of water polo down to a size suitable for our budding athletes. The focus is on making swimming fun while enhancing overall swimming skills and conditioning.

Comprehensive Training
SWPS Club offers additional PowerswimmingTM classes in conjunction with Minipolo. We emphasize competitive swimming, PowerswimmingTM techniques, and specific water polo swim strokes.

Unique Skills Development
Children in Minipolo learn to swim with the ball using a technique called "head-up freestyle," a fundamental stroke in water polo. Ball handling and shooting techniques are also introduced, making each session a holistic learning experience.

Scrimmage Component
Classes include a match/scrimmage component, allowing young players to apply their newly acquired skills in a game-like setting.

Minipolo Registration

Continuous Registration
Minipolo water polo is a Partnership Program run directly through Saanich Commonwealth Place (SCP). Registration for Minipolo is ongoing through RecOnline. Secure your child's spot in this exciting program that lays the foundation for a future in water polo.

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Saanich Commonwealth Place

Commonwealth Place Legacy
Commonwealth Place has been the starting point for many water polo stars, including those who began their careers with Minipolo. Our sessions are conducted by nationally certified Saanich Water Polo School coaches, ensuring a high standard of instruction.

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