Mavericks - where seasoned players, competitive spirit, and mastery unite

Wednesday from 7 pm to 9 pm At Saanich Commonwealth Place

Mavericks at SCP!

About the progRAM

Mavericks Collegiate/Alumni Polo at SCP

Discover the pinnacle of water polo excellence with the MAVERICKS, Saanich Water Polo School's esteemed Collegiate/Masters Team.

Saanich Commonwealth Place Recreation Center located west of the Patricia Bay Highway and north of Royal Oak Drive in Saanich

The Mavericks welcome players with a minimum of 2 years of competitive water polo experience. Tryouts are conducted throughout the year, providing skilled athletes the opportunity to join -Fill out the form below to schedule your try out!

Program Outline

Training together every Wednesday from 7 pm to 9 pm at Commonwealth Place.

Endurance, conditioning, and tons of scrimmage and play opportunity!

Exciting competitive and travels opportunities in the Pacific Northwest and Beyond!

How to sign up!

Schedule and Registration Information

Elevate your water polo journey by joining the Mavericks. To arrange a tryout, please complete and submit the form at the bottom of this page! To register directly, please follow the link below.

Immerse yourself in a competitive environment where skill and experience converge to continue your Water Polo journey!

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Saanich Commonwealth Place

Commonwealth Place Legacy
Commonwealth Place has been the starting point for many water polo stars, including those who began their careers with Minipolo. Our sessions are conducted by nationally certified Saanich Water Polo School coaches, ensuring a high standard of instruction.

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