3 Decades of Aquatic Excellence

Celebrating 26 years! Saanich Water Polo School. Est. 1997 Saanich Commonwealth Pool - Victoria BC, Canada

Proud Pioneers of Water Polo in the Pacific Northwest

Established in 1997

Pioneers in Canadian Waterpolo

Established in 1997, Saanich Water Polo School (SWPS) is the premier water polo hub serving Victoria, BC, the lower mainland, and lower Vancouver Island. Our dedicated coaching staff, boasting extensive experience, focuses on cultivating fundamental water polo skills, offering vast recreational options, as well as competitive programs to prepare players for national, and international competition and opportunities.

From its inception, SWPS has evolved into a thriving community, growing from its roots to offer diverse programs for athletes of all ages and skill levels. 

How it Started

Our Story

Founded in 1997 by Coach Ferenc Vindisch, a revered figure in the Hungarian water polo community, Saanich Water Polo School (SWPS) stands as a testament to his passion for the sport.

Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, one of the world's eminent water polo superpowers, Coach Vindisch brought his wealth of experience and unique approach to the Pacific NorthWest.Under Coach Vindisch's guidance, SWPS has become a beacon of Hungarian West Coast Water Polo excellence, setting the highest standards for the sport in North America.

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Program Overview - Nurturing Every Child's Journey in Water Polo

Dive into Our Programs

Age Groups 5 - 12

Embark on your child's water polo journey with our comprehensive program designed for ages 5 to 12. We offer two primary classes to cater to different starting points:

1. Minipolo (Shallow Water Program): Tailored for younger children, this program is held in shallow water. Recommended for those aged 5 to 7

2. Junior Development (Deep Water Program): Suited for children comfortable in deep water. Ideal for ages 8 and above.

PowerSwimming Instruction:
Recommended in conjunction with Minipolo and Junior Development. Begins at age 5.

For those displaying a passion for competitive water polo, the U8, U10, and U12 Competitive Program is the next step.

Middle School and High School

As children enter their Middle School and High School years, they undergo swimming ability assessments and are assigned to suitable practice groups. Gradually, they transition to competitive age groups.
Parents can schedule a placement test for their child at any time by contacting SWPS directly.

Adult and Alumni

Whether  you are experienced alumni (Mavericks) or just a beginning or looking to have fun in the water while getting some exercise (Night League) we have an adult program for you!