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MINIPOLO - Ages 7-10 Sundays 5-6pm  January 8- March 12

The game of water polo is scaled down for future stars.  Children do lots of swimming in a fun way, improving their overall swimming skills and conditioning. SWPS Club offers additional Powerswimming classes in conjunction with Minipolo.


  • We teach competitive swimming, PowerswimmingTM and water polo-specific swim strokes.

  • Children learn to swim with the ball "dribble" in the water. This stroke is called head-up freestyle.

  • Children learn ball handling and shooting techniques.

  • Classes have a match/scrimmage component.

  • Registration is continuous through RecOnline

Minipolo and Junior Development Fall 2018.JPG

Minipolo at SCP...Where Many Water Polo Stars Started Their Careers

Commonwealth Place offers beginner water polo instruction for children ages 7-10. Sessions are taught by nationally certified Saanich Water Polo School coaches. Swimming ability is an asset, however classes are taught in a shallow pool environment to allow for skill development. Children are trained in sport specific strokes predominantly with the water polo ball. Special emphasis is placed on the perfection of the egg beater, stop and go techniques, quick turns, four basic shooting techniques, and game strategy. Each practice will feature a scrimmage. Prerequisite: Ability to swim ten strokes of freestyle.

Sundays 5-6pm 

Teach Pool

Current Session @ SCP:

January 8 - March 12

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