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Middle School and High School


Children wishing to enter water polo in their Middle School and High School years are assessed for swimming ability and placed into appropriate practice groups. 

With time, they are placed into their competitive age groups as follows:

U12 - Atom Co-ED

U14 - Bantam Gender Specific

U16 - Cadet Gender Specific

U19 - Youth Gender Specific

Parents can contact SWPS directly to book a placement test for their child any time.

 Ages 5-12

Typical entry to water polo is between the ages of 7 and 12.  Minipolo is recommended for younger children as it is held in shallow water. Junior Development is recommended for the child who is comfortable in deep water.  Both classes run as a partnership program through Saanich Recreation Sundays at 5pm, and enrollment is continuous through Saanich Recreation.

Power Swimming (TM) Instruction is recommended in conjunction with Minipolo and Junior Development.  This is where children pick up speed and power for both competitive swimming and water polo.

Power Swimming  can be started as young as age 5.  Registration for these classes runs through SWPS Club directly.

Children who show an interest in competitive water polo are placed in the U8, U10, U12 Competitive Program through SWPS.


           College - Masters
Wednesday Night League

Team is the signature competitive program for Univeristy, College and Competitive Adult players.

Participation on this team presumes a career in competitive water polo and/or competitive swimming.

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